Major Junk Food Company Collapses

Since 2012, the millions who want transparency in their food products have been fighting the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association of America (GMA), the brazen trade and lobbying group for junk food makers. Representing major processed food giants like Coke and General Mills, as well as biotech and GMO seed companies like Monsanto, the GMA has probably… Read More »

Read Rashed Choudhary’s Fascinating Journey From Being a Business Tycoon to a Bollywood Producer

Rashed Choudhary (Photo Credits: File Image) The Dubai business magnate, with immense grandeur and splendour, Rashed Choudhary, is the kingpin and has enchanted the domains of the car business in Dubai. With his consummate skills and stupendous glamour, he has hitherto been a bigshot in business and is the possessor of multitudinous companies. With multifarious and… Read More »

Researchers identify molecular process that could accelerate recovery from nerve injuries

Tiare Dunlap Twenty million Americans suffer from peripheral nerve injuries, which can be caused by traumas such as combat wounds and motorcycle crashes as well as medical disorders including diabetes. These injuries can have a devastating impact on quality of life, resulting in loss of sensation, motor function and long-lasting nerve pain. The body is… Read More »