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Read Rashed Choudhary’s Fascinating Journey From Being a Business Tycoon to a Bollywood Producer

Rashed Choudhary (Photo Credits: File Image) The Dubai business magnate, with immense grandeur and splendour, Rashed Choudhary, is the kingpin and has enchanted the domains of the car business in Dubai. With his consummate skills and stupendous glamour, he has hitherto been a bigshot in business and is the possessor of multitudinous companies. With multifarious and… Read More »

How being a female tech founder prepared this CEO to fight the medical system when she got cancer

Leila Janah, a social impact entrepreneur, was diagnosed with cancer at 36 Leila Janah Leila Janah, 36, thought she was doing everything right. She started two tech companies with a strong sense of social mission, and she balanced that by exercising every day, eating well and seeing the doctor for regular check-ups. The last thing… Read More »

‘Search and destroy’ radiotherapy for prostate cancer being hailed as a game changer

CHICAGO — A game-changing “search and destroy” treatment could offer hope of a longer life to thousands of men with incurable prostate cancer. The first two British patients were treated last weekend, after research found that it could significantly extend survival for men with no other options. Charities said they were “thrilled” by the promise… Read More »