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AI-based product aims to help providers identify missed charges

Providers continue to fall short of their charge-capture potential despite having rules-based systems and manual audits, an executive at an industry vendor contends. “It’s estimated that missing charges and associated reimbursement—combined with audit and recovery efforts—cost providers the equivalent of 1 percent of annual revenue,” says Nick Giannasi, executive vice president of Change Healthcare. Industry… Read More »

Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn’t Help, Study Finds

When the Environmental Protection Agency approved the spraying of certain antibiotics three years ago to fight a deadly bacterial infection decimating Florida’s orange groves, growers thought they might have found a silver bullet. But public health advocates reacted with alarm, warning that the large-scale use of medically important drugs in agriculture could help fuel antibiotic… Read More »

Common cold virus could help cure cancer, study of ‘revolutionary’ treatment finds

LONDON — The common cold virus could cure cancer, scientists say, as a “revolutionary” treatment was found to eradicate the disease in a week. In the pioneering British trial, 15 patients were given an infusion of the bug, before undergoing surgery to remove and examine tumours. In every case, cancer cells had been destroyed and… Read More »