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Dr Miriam Stoppard: ‘Cancer rates in young soaring due to obesity’

Being overweight is one of the biggest avoidable causes of cancer. Nowhere is this mow more obvious than in the millennial ­generation where rates of cancer are rising quicker than in their ancestors because they are heavier. Cancers typically occur as we get older, but it’s in the under-50s where they’re increasing most dramatically, suggesting… Read More »

How The Stigma Against Obesity Harms People's Health – FiveThirtyEight

If you’re one of the nearly 40 percent of Americans who are obese, you don’t need anyone to explain the associated stigma; you’ve probably experienced it in some form or another — jokes about your weight, teasing, bullying, employment discrimination (which is legal in 49 states), prejudice and unfair treatment. This kind of stigmatization doesn’t… Read More »