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New Eye Scan May Help Detect Alzheimer’s

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is difficult. Brain scans and spinal taps can detect signs of the illness early but are impractical for screening millions of people. As a result, the disease is often diagnosed via memory tests or through the observation of behavioral changes, at which point the disease may be quite advanced. Now, according to… Read More »

Scientists develop new brain scan to detect Alzheimer's disease by 'lighting up' neural plaques

Scientists develop new brain scan to detect Alzheimer’s disease by ‘lighting up’ dementia-causing plaques Researchers identified three radioactive ‘tracer’ molecules that are injected cranially, which bind to and ‘light up’ two proteins in the brain These proteins form clumps and are believed to cause cognitive decline The new tracers don’t indiscriminately stick to other tissues… Read More »