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New York doctors shocked by what they find during surgery on brain tumor

The larval tapeworm looked like a “quail’s egg,” doctors said.  (Mount Sinai Health System) Doctors at Mount Sinai in New York, who cut into a 42-year-old woman’s brain last September to remove a suspected malignant tumor, were reportedly baffled when they found a mass resembling a “quail’s egg.” It turned out to be a baby… Read More »

Endocrinologists are needed more than ever. Why are they being devalued?

I chose endocrinology to be my lifelong profession out of love for the complex interactions of endocrine glands and intricate feedback loops. I take pride in preventing medical complications, prolonging life expectancy, and providing complex care to type 1 and type 2 diabetics. At times, this field of work requires spending hours — either with… Read More »