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Once Again, the Trump Administration Tries to Take Away Your Health Care

It’s happening again. The Trump administration is attacking the Affordable Care Act (the ACA, or Obamacare). Only this time, the approach isn’t piecemeal, and it doesn’t arrive via Congress. Instead, it’s a full-on effort to repeal the entire health care law by declaring it unconstitutional. Specifically, the Department of Justice, under the guidance of the… Read More »

Chris Evans Might 'Cut Ties' With Tom Brady if He Still Supports Donald Trump

Chris Evans—who is nearly as famous for his love of the New England Patriots as he is for his acting—might “cut ties” with Tom Brady over the quarterback’s association with President Donald Trump. The Captain America star, who is outspoken on progressive causes, was asked by the Hollywood Reporter in a cover story published Wednesday… Read More »

Daily on Healthcare: Trump to ask for ‘substantial new resources’ to fight HIV

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